The Executive Board of Brantham Athletic FC is made up of the following people:

Chairman - Peter Crowhurst

CEO - Darren Smith

Vice Chair - Phil Lawler

Director of Football - Tony Hall

Club Welfare Officer - Dean Chapple

Their role in the club is overall governance across the whole of the club from simple matters such as where teams play to more serious matters of player/management and in extreme case supporter discipline.

They are the final arbitrator of decision making at the club, but ultimately all have the club's best interests at heart.

They strive to make the club as inclusive as possible and to ensure that every player, manager, coach, supporter has an enjoyable time as possible for as long as they are at Brantham Athletic FC.

It is part of their role that they at least try and get to watch every team in the club at least twice in a season, sometimes circumstances dictate against that, but they do try even if its only for 30 minutes.

They are available for you to speak to, but please if they are actively enjoying the game or a pint then perhaps be considerate of their time.